UWC Extended Programmes

UWC Extended Programmes

Undergraduate Programmes

At the under graduate level, we offer two different Statistical Programmes: the BSc programme done over three years, and an Extended programme done over four years, which give the opportunity to students to participate in foundation courses during the first year.

Postgraduate Programmes

There are currently two subprograms in the department, namely pure Statistics and Population Studies. The department also offers some of the courses in the Computational Finance programme. An Honours degree is completed by coursework. Masters degree study involves either research only (full thesis), or a combination of research and coursework (structured Masters degree). For a PhD degree, a student registers for a full-thesis, but could be expected to complete modules if background knowledge is lacking.


The Statistics programme is intended for those students who want to qualify as Statisticians. The mathematical content of some of the courses (e.g. Theoretical Statistics, Probability and Stochastic Processes, and Matrix Methods) is, of necessity fairly high, as students need to be able to understand the theoretical principals of the subject. Therefore, in addition to Statistics III, Mathematics II is required for admission. A small number of more applied subjects, such as Data Mining and Time Series Analyses, are also available as options.

Population Studies

The Population Studies programme is aimed at students who want to work in fields such as Demography or Population Statistics; a number of our graduates are employed, for example, by Statistics South Africa. Undergraduate Statistics is not a pre-requisite for admission to postgraduate Population Studies; instead, students with no statistical training are required to enrol in an Introductory Statistics course offered by the Department. Students are drawn from a diversity of undergraduate fields, including Statistics, Sociology, Economics, and Public Health. Courses in this subprogram include Official Statistics, Survey Methods and Demographic Analysis.

Computational Finance

The Computational Finance programme includes Financial Risk Management, Financial Computing, and Credit Derivatives


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