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Jamb Portal To Check

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How To Check Your 2019 Admission Status In Caps Portal And Accept Or Reject It.

JAMB CAPS: How do I check my admission status in caps portal and can I accept or reject admission if I have not been offered admission yet? That’s what you are about to learn in this tutorial.
I have already explained everything about Jamb caps for 2019/2020 admission. If you still don’t have full idea of what Jamb caps is about then click here now to read more about JAMB CAPS PORTAL.
Jamb Caps Portal: New way to check jamb admission status

Steps To Check Your 2019/20 Admission Status In Caps Portal

  1. Ensure you have active data bundle.
  2. Open your favourite browser (Preferably, Google Chrome).
  3. Visit the jamb caps admission checking portal using this link http://caps.jamb.gov.ng/acceptadmission.aspx.
  4. Then scroll down to check CAPS UTME/DE Admission status.
  5. Click on UTME/DE Admission button to check and accept/reject your 2019 status of admission.
  6. Your details including Jamb score, institution, date of birth,etc will appear when you have successfully logged in to Jamb caps portal.
  7. If you are given admission and you like the school then click on accept admission.
  8. If the institution and course space is blank or you have not been offered admission then don’t click on accept admission. Just keep checking back.
  9. Be very careful not to accept admission when you are not offered (or when you have hope of gaining admission in a better school).
  10. Once you accept the admission offered you then your admission door is closed for that year.
  11. On the other hand, if you see welcome while you click on CAPS, don’t be annoyed. Just use desktop version to see the menu and then click on check admission status (Click on the three dots on Google Chrome and scroll down to see desktop site).


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