How To Apply Online to Sol Plaatjie University (SPU) 2019/2020

How To Apply Online to Sol Plaatjie University

Apply Online to Sol Plaatjie University (SPU) 2019/2020

Apply to SPU using the hardcopy application

You can apply by filling in the hard copy application form and post your completed application to the desired campus you would like to study at. 

You can post your completed application here:

The University Registrar

Sol Plaatje University

Private Bag X500

Kimberley, 8300

NB; when applying via hardcopy:

  1. Be patients and wait as the school process your application
  2. Make sure you have attached all relevant supporting documentation.
  3. Alternatively you can hand in your completed application, fax it to +27 (0)86 544 2766 or email it to

Apply to SPU residence application

Note: Make sure you fill out this form only if you are needing university accommodation. 

Application Fees for Sol Plaatjie University:

South African applicants are required to pay an application fee of R100.

For more information, please visit here.

Submitting Results and Documents:

School learners must ensure that all examination results from Grade 11 until September of Grade 12 are submitted. Failure to do such may result in delays within the student’s application process. You might find that you applied early in Grade 12 and thus only sent in your final Grade 11 results. If this is true, as the year progresses and you receive more results keep sending them through to SPU, that way they will have all your results by the time finals come around.

Transferring students should also ensure that all transcripts and academic records are submitted as early as possible as well as that a final transcript of current studies being undertaken reaches the Admissions Office as soon as possible after receipt.

Make sure to also submit the following:

  • Copy of your ID
  • Proof of Payment for application fee
  • Any additional documents which may be relevant to your application.

You’re almost done! Now all that’s left to do is to wait. Keep a look out for your acceptance and/or provisional acceptance letter. You are encouraged to monitor your application status at all times. Best is to contact SPU directly to check up on your application status.

Do you have more questions? Check out the SPU student rule books here.

Contact the Sol Plaatjie University:

For more information on how to apply to SPU, you can visit their website.

Alternatively, you can contact the SPU on the following details:


Tel: +27 (0)53 491 0000


Please note that application process for the 2019 academic year programmes with the exception of BSc, BSc (Data Science) and BCom is NOW CLOSED.

Please complete the application form below and return it to us by handing it in at:

Sol Plaatje University, North Campus, Chapel Street, Kimberley

or by mail:  The University Registrar, Sol Plaatje University, Private Bag X5008, Kimberley, 8300

or by email: (remember to include a proof of payment)

or by fax: +27 (0)86 544 2766

Download the application forms (includes application for residence) below