ETA College Application 2019

ETA College Application 2019

ABOUT: ETA College Is a private higher education and training college specialising in qualifications that lead to employment in the sport and fitness industries. It was Established in 1983, eta college is a sports college offering internationally recognised fitness, coaching science and sport management courses at nine campuses around South Africa, as well as in Botswana, Dubai and Mauritius.

The application process can be tricky. Worry no more, we have all the support you need to help you get through it. Click and read about Applications instructions 

Before you apply to ETA College you should have the following;

  1. Certified copy of your ID document(ID document compulsory for SA citizens – your application cannot be processed without a certified copy of your ID and Passport Number for International Applicants
  2. Exam Results:Final Grade 12 results (if available). Grade 11 results (if currently doing grade 12) are very important for your application. Thus, have it on hand.
  3. Remember you will need an email address when applying either online or in a hard copy . Note that the following systems do not accept emails from some of the universities: Hotmail, Webmail, Ymail, Outlook and Live. It is advisable to create and use a Gmail address for the application.

Be aware of the application date:

Application Closing Dates

  • 31 October 2019

Application Fees

  • R1000 Non-Refundable
  • (another R1000 upon conditional acceptance)

Course Cost Range: Courses start from R6 000.

There is no need to write NBTs before you can apply


ETA College has three different methods of study (campus, online, and international campus), therefore they have three application process specified to each study method.


Online Application 

  • Create a login account on the portal.
  • Once you have confirmed your details, you can start your application.

Online Application

Paying your application fee will be a part of your online application and you will be prompted to pay the application fee at the end of the process. They will give you exact steps.

Online Application

  • Complete the application form as it prompts you.
  • Make sure you select the correct form of study: campus, online or international campus.

Click here for the online application

Hardcopy Application

  • You will need to choose which campus you would like to study at. You can view and compare their different campuses and find the one nearest to you on  website.
  • Once you know which campus you would like to apply to, download the correct application forms here: campus study, online study, international campus.


Hardcopy Application

  • Complete your application form in black pen.

You can post your application to the address provided on the campus-specific application form.


Hardcopy Application

You will need to download and complete the payment schedule form, choose your payment method, provide your details and then attach the payment schedule to your application form when you post or hand-deliver it.


General Enquiries:

Tel: 086 138 2265


For campus specific contact details,  here

 Visit the school website